Paramount has a skilled compliance team who strictly meets the essentials of ILO/Alliance/Accord/BNBC/DIFE/Individual Buyer as well as Bangladesh Labor Law. It always ensures required working space for moving and performing operations smoothly. It provides a safe, well-ventilated and healthy working area. It has proper and sufficient arrangements for dining, safe drinking water, hygienic toilet and personal safety. For work place safety Paramount ensures maximum precautions against fire, mechanical and chemical hazards. There are clearly marked evacuation zones and routes to be used in emergencies along with fire safety equipment’s like fire hydrants, smoke & fire detectors, gas masks, lock cutters etc. Full-time doctors, child care unit, fire fighters are available for workers and employees.

To cope with the ever-changing demands and technologies it regularly arranges on-the-job and off-the-job trainings to maintain a flexible workforce.